We are creating a 

Dementia Friendly Herndon.

people live in Fairfax County


are over 65 years old

living with some form of dementia

the age of the fastest-growing demographic

It’s time to take action.

Dementia friendly communities ensure that everyone in the community

is informed and respectful towards persons with dementia.

How can we become dementia friendly?


Raise awareness for those who suffer dementia and

create communities where they feel understood.


Design physical spaces with dementia in mind, reducing 

risks and including quiet, safe areas. 


Increase the availability of healthcare and social services 

specifically for dementia needs.


Provide support centers for families and caregivers, with 

centralized resources and help networks.


Design programs providing emotional support and 

respite for caregivers.

Dementia-Friendly Communities

Dementia-friendly communities include

  • Neighborhoods and community members
  • Faith communities
  • Banks and financial services
  • Legal and advance planning services
  • Community and home-based services
  • Emergency services
  • Government
  • Businesses

Become a Dementia-Friendly


Dementia Friendly Herndon offers workshops to teach people about dementia, how to recognize it, how to communicate with somebody who has it, and how to help.

The one hour DEMENTIA FRIEND session features information to expand your awareness about dementia with a focus on what actions you can take to support people living with dementia in our community.


Become a Dementia-Friendly


The Dementia Friendly America initiative is made possible by the generous financial support of many individuals.


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Become a Dementia-Friendly


Leadership and partner organizations are an integral part of
Dementia Friendly Herndon.

We rely on the combined efforts of many different groups and organizations to raise awareness, support dementia-friendly initiatives, and grow the support network.


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Become a Dementia-Friendly


Sponsorships take us to the next level, enabling us to make an real impact in the lives of many.


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We keep a blog filled with dementia-friendly resouces. Learn more about signs and symptoms of dementia, how to care for those with dementia, improving cognitive skills, and
much more.